Is It Safe to Clean Your Car Engine Using McCulloch MC1230?

Washing a car engine is sprayed with steam clean car interior, is it safe for engine electricals? One of the advantages of hot steam washing is that it can be sprayed directly into the engine room area. In contrast to a regular car wash, it is risky to spray water directly into the engine room. We can ensure hot steam washing is safe for machine electrical. Because the hot steam that is sprayed into the engine room area is a dry type of steam.

Dry steam has the character of water particles that quickly evaporate at air temperature. So after being sprayed, the remaining water particles that stick to the engine room are less, or even non-existent. On the other hand, the McCulloch MC1230 pressure helps to push the dirt without the need for a lot of water particles. In addition, the hot steam that is sprayed can actually accelerate the dirt to soften and fall out. Moreover, the engine room has a lot of oil or oil crust, it can be cleaned without a lot of water remaining.

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Pros And Cons Car Steam Cleaners


  • No use of harsh chemicals that makes it safe to use
  • Equipped with an angled nozzle that allows effective cleaning
  • On-demand variable steam control for continuous steam


  • May not be ideal for cleaning carpet or upholstery
  • May not be ideal for cleaning cabinets

If you do a car cleaning using steam at a car salon, or at a car wash, you will be given two steam options. These are the two types of steam used for car washing with the hot steam method.

If a conventional car wash uses a direct water source, it is different from hot steam washing. Washing a car with hot steam requires a special boiler machine tool. From the boiler engine, humidity can be adjusted to produce dry steam and wet steam. Dry steam is usually used to spray the interior of the car because the interior should not be wet. So that the dry steam used does not have the potential to damage electrical devices. But the presence of pressure and heat, stains, or dirt crust in the cabin can still be cleaned. While the wet steam is used for the exterior and engine of the car.

Where the dirt on the outside of the car tends to be heavier than the inside of the car. Still need water particles to help push dirt to fall out faster. Moreover, the exterior has a lot of oil dirt or asphalt crust, the hot water particles from McCulloch MC1230 help melt this dirt. The hot steam that is used as a mainstay is claimed to be more effective in cleaning cars than conventional car washes. Because hot steam can produce temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius, it is effective for melting dirt. Most importantly, without using chemicals, the dirt in the car can immediately fall out of the hot steam. Plus, McCulloch MC1230 can also be used for interior fogging as finishing.

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