STANLEY Pressure Washer: A Helping Tools to Clean Your Car

For those of you who are looking for a car wash with a size that is not too big but has a strong performance, the STANLEY Pressure Washer could be the right steam clean car interior for you.

To operate this steam engine, 1400 watts of power is required. Interestingly, the machine which has a capacity of 6.5 liters per minute is equipped with a 5-meter long hose and a gun to make it easier for you to reach the bottom of the car that has been reached. Comes with a plastic body that is equipped with handles and wheels. Especially if you are a person who has many activities outside the home and does not use public transportation, you must often go by private vehicles such as cars. The density of this activity makes your personal vehicle dirty quickly due to various things such as pollution, water splashes, even rain. Because of this, you will come to the steam car more often to clean your vehicle.

We often hear this car steam engine using the term High-Pressure Cleaner. This car steam tool consists of several main components of an electric motor (dynamo) and an engine. This driving motor can provide pressure on the steam engine of the car. So this is the driving motor that converts electrical power into mechanical energy in the steam engine of the car so that it will produce pressure. There are also tips before you choose the right High-Pressure Cleaner:

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Pros And Cons Car Steam Cleaners


  • Made of high-quality material that offers a long-lasting use
  • Superheated steam of up to 293F helps to kill every germ
  • Grout cleaning offers deep clean grouts lines and porous tiles to restore shine


  • May not be powerful enough

Consider the object you want to clean
In choosing STANLEY Pressure Washer, it must first be adjusted to the object you want to clean. If you need a High-Pressure Cleaner steam engine to be used to clean your car, then choose a car steam engine that has a water discharge specification of 400-500 liters/hour and a pressure of 100 bar. These specifications are enough to clean the car from the dirt that sticks.

Choose a water pressure that reaches 40 psi
Currently, the STANLEY Pressure Washer has a high demand in everyday life. Because this steam engine can be used for activities at home or to run a business such as a car wash business. One way that can be done to choose a good quality steam engine is that it can be seen from the strong pressure of the water released. Currently, there are many circulating High-Pressure Cleaner steam air machines that have many types and specifications. Therefore, choose the STANLEY Pressure Washer that has a water pressure specification of up to 40 psi. The pressure can be generated usually by a motor or dynamo with a type of 1 phase or 3 phase. With enough pressure, it can clean the car from various kinds of dirt such as dust, mud, sticky stains, and others.

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