Tips for Performing Car Wash Using Bissell SteamShot

Car maintenance activities can be done easily at home. In addition, washing the car at home can also make the vehicle cleaner, because the owner can be more painstaking in cleaning up to the corners of the vehicle. But of course, there are a number of car wash equipment at home so that the washing process is easier to do such as Bissell SteamShot. You can use this to make your steam clean car interior cleaning easier.

Even though it looks simple and easy, it turns out that washing a car also has rules, you know. Here are some of them:

1. Do not expose to direct sunlight
Why? This is because the tap water that we usually use to wash our cars has a fairly high mineral content, and can cause mold or water spots if exposed to direct sunlight.

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Pros And Cons Car Steam Cleaners


  • No use of harsh chemicals that makes it safe to use
  • Equipped with an angled nozzle that allows effective cleaning
  • On-demand variable steam control for continuous steam


  • May not be ideal for cleaning carpet or upholstery
  • May not be ideal for cleaning cabinets

2. Wash in the morning or evening
It is recommended to wash the car before 8 am, or after 4 pm. Why? So that the car is not exposed to direct sunlight and causes a water spot. How about washing the car at night? You can, but the limited light at night will make it difficult for you to wash or dry your car.

3. Performed by 2 people
Unless your car is in the city car or LCGC category, which incidentally is small. You should wash the car with the help of one other person. Why? Because it can make the process of washing and drying the car faster.

Car wash equipment at home
Compared to going to a car wash service, cleaning your car at home is also more cost-effective. Because the equipment needed is fairly cheap and quite easy to find. You can visit our website and get Bissell SteamShot.

To wash a car using Bissell SteamShot of course, you need a car wash shampoo so that your vehicle can be clean and look shiny. However, the selection should not be arbitrary. Because, if the PH level contained in car shampoo is too high, it will erode the car paint layer and make the color dull. You can use a good steam clean car interior such as Bissell SteamShot. This machine is safe to use for all types of car paint. It doesn’t stop there, this product is also equipped with more than one nozzle that you can choose based on which area that you want to clean.

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