Wagner Spraytech: Saves Water and Avoids Blisters

If we usually wash the car using quite a lot of water, it is different from this car washing technique. By utilizing Wagner Spraytech, the surface of the car body does not need to come into contact with a potentially abrasive rough cloth. Washing using Wagner Spraytech is not like a jet of water or high-pressure water, because it doesn’t require a lot of water and laundry soap anymore, just spray hot steam all over the body surface. The water is heated to steam with a special boiler, then with a pressure of 5-10 bar is sprayed all over the body, as well as the interior and engine compartment. You can use steam clean car interior such as Wagner Spraytech.

The hot steam-driven at high speed is claimed to be effective at removing dirt, dust, tar, and other materials commonly found on car bodies. Uniquely for one car, the water used is only 2-3 liters, so it is eco-friendly. The ritual is also simple, after the car body is sprayed with Wagner Spraytech, it is immediately wiped with a microfiber cloth which helps avoid scratches or blurs on the surface of the car. This ritual is claimed to minimize the use of chemicals, such as soap and detergent.

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Pros And Cons Car Steam Cleaners


  • The steamer holds up to 40 oz. of water that ensures continuous cleaning power
  • The 8 ft. steam hose provides great length for reaching tall walls while stripping wallpaper
  • Built-in orange light will turns off when the steamer is ready for use


  • Cord may be short in length

Wash with Wagner Spraytech which provides extraordinary cleanliness, with high pressure of about 5-10 bar so it’s quite fast, for car detailing it’s quite fast. Then the minimum water for one car is only about 3 liters. So it’s waterless, but dirt stuck to the body can be pushed because of the high pressure. Besides being environmentally friendly, this steam car wash is not inferior to ordinary water which has a lot of wastewater, it is waterless, so go green. For safe paint, it’s even good that the hot steam is to remove oxidation, aka the former wax or shampoo that we’ve been using, which causes mold.

After the body evaporated, now the interior is vaporized. What’s interesting, the Wagner Spraytech funnel is directed to the AC line, you can see the steam flow, flowing from the other AC hole for some time. The dashboard, which had a lot of dust, immediately fell out as soon as it was exposed to steam and cleaned with microfiber. So we let the steam stay in the car cabin for some time so that the odors that usually exist in the car cabin are gone. The result? The car also looks shiny. The working time of this car wash with steam is about 30 minutes only.

Just like other electronic devices, Wagner Spraytech can also be damaged at any time. Well, this of course needs special attention for you. In addition to choosing a portable steam washing machine that is easy to maintain and operate, also choose a product whose spare parts are widely available in the market. Tips for you, choose a portable steam washing machine whose brand is well known. By buying a Wagner Spraytech, it will be easier for you to get spare parts on the market.

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